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Welcome to is a website sponsored by All Hands Fire Equipment & Training. Since 2001, All Hands Fire has
developed into one of the leading supplier of emergency and safety equipment.

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ALL HANDS FIRE: The Leading Provider for Firefighter Personal Escape Systems

For more than 10 years, All Hands Fire Equipment has offered firefighter escape systems. We carried the very first NFPA-certified system, the F.F.R.E.D. (Fire Fighter Rescue Escape Device) that was manufactured by RIT Rescue & Escape Systems. Today, escape systems have developed and have now become an intrical part of a firefighters personal protective ensemble.

All Hands Fire is the only authorized dealer and trainer for ALL of the nation's leading NFPA-certified escape systems. We are the leading provider of escape systems based on our experience, having trained and equipped thousands of firefighters and having supervised and instructed students on over 20,000 bailout slides!

All Hands Fire Equipment offers professional, dynamic and safe escape systems training classes for the fire service, rescue, tactical, industrial, theatre and more.

Escape System Training

  • End User / Basic Certification Class
  • Train-the-Trainer Class
  • Annual Refresher / Advanced Techniques Training

Other Training Options

  • Class II Harness
  • Technical Rescue - Trench, Confined Space, High Angle
  • Firefighter - Engine and Truck Company Operations
  • Water and Ice Rescue
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • And more...

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